Design and manufacturer of the finest weighbridges in the world.

Shering Weighing have recently featured in The Telegraph Business Club

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In today’s global economic environment Shering’s determination to remain as the world’s number one on quality and technology has been achieved by focusing 100% on the four cornerstones - Integrity, Quality through strength, Design excellence and Value. Our worldwide reputation for weighbridge design is established and widely recognised. This strategy has been very successful and has enabled the company to remain highly competitive, with many customers signing sole supplier agreements.

Exclusive Features:

Shering Weighbridge Design

Shering Weighbridges – Designed For Ease of Maintenance

With a prestigious award for our business strategy Shering Weighing changed the face of the weighbridge industry worldwide with its technology and quality revolution. Shering Weighing were the pioneers of the very first weighbridge to have a fully weights and measures approved computerised weighbridge hardware and software system not to mention being the very first to achieve approval under the new European regulations.

The end result of the Shering weighbridge strategy has helped the business to sustain its worldwide reputation and presence in the market as a British owned and family managed Company.

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